Wooden heavy duty wrecker

Jul 14 2010

wooden toy wrecker truck

Wooden tow truck

This is one of the old large scale models we used to carry. I tried to capture the look and feel of a real modern heavy duty wrecker.

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  1. Nice looking rig. Does the boom raise up and down?

  2. looks like the one I used to drive many years ago.
    thank you

  3. Thank you-

    The boom is fixed. The tow truck has a swivel hook on the rear to tow the “disabled” truck

  4. Your craftsmanship is awesome. Beautiful work.

  5. Thanks lisa :)

  6. hi

  7. Nicole Sawatzky

    How much would this cost to buy?

  8. Is this website still up?

  9. Are these trucks still available to buy

  10. how can you buy this?
    Very interested

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