New Tuff Toys!

Aug 19 2010

These are the newest line of rugged “primitive” pieces. They will replace the current tuff toy lineup soon.

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Sneak peek at new products

Aug 15 2010

This is a sample of the new Tuff Toy lineup that we will be carrying. These pieces are very sturdy and less expensive to build. The line will feature a flat bed(shown), tanker, log truck and more. Tell us what you think!

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A Mack R-Model dump truck from way back

Aug 08 2010

The bed raises and the tail gate opens up. This is anther old model from many years ago

wooden Mack dump truck

Model dump truck from years ago

Bed raised

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Wooden trains we make.

Jul 20 2010

Yes we do make trains. Due to the high demand, we carry trains during the holiday season. I am working on some new train models for an updated lineup.

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Another blast from the past

Jul 14 2010

model refuse hauler

Model refuse hauler

Modeled after a White/GMC Expeditor. This is one of the first detailed trucks I built many years ago. My home town used them for local garbage duties in the 70′s and 80′s. I always thought they looked kind of cool.

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Wooden heavy duty wrecker

Jul 14 2010

wooden toy wrecker truck

Wooden tow truck

This is one of the old large scale models we used to carry. I tried to capture the look and feel of a real modern heavy duty wrecker.

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