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Welcome to our new line of wooden trucks. These trucks are built stronger than the previous ones. They now have thicker axles and hardwood wheels. We have also kept small parts to a minimum to enhance safety.
Dump truck
The bed tilts just like the real one!
Log Truck
All wood truck with room for logs.
Expedited Delivery Truck
Great looking wooden delivery truck.
FlatBed Truck
Cargo room for "heavy" loads.
Aero Tractor
Classic styled all wood tractor.
Aero Tractor
Modern looking all wood tractor.
Tractor with cabguard
Looks great with our flatbed and log trailers.
Day Cab Tractor
Nice looking wooden truck. It can hook up with any of our wooden trailers.
Van Trailer
A rugged cargo hauler seen on roads everywhere.
Log Trailer
All wood with stakes to carry big logs.
Flatbed Trailer
Can handle a variety of loads.