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wooden toysWooden Toys and gifts from Upstate NY! Handcrafted toy trucks, trains and farm equipment. Our wooden toys make great gifts for people who love fine wood treasures. Our toy store sells rugged, high quality pieces which are unfinished so they will show off the natural beauty of wood! There are no toxic finishes on our toys what so ever.
We craft each toy so it will remind you of the real trucks and trains you see every day. Feel free to browse our online store full of uniquely handcrafted gifts! You can order all our collectible wooden toys securely online.
We also respect your privacy. By the way I am Ken, the toy maker. I want you to feel comfortable about purchasing our wooden toys online.

Our goal is to build a toy with attention to proportion and quality that will bring out the kid in everyone. Many of our wooden toys have been purchased as gifts for people in the trucking industry. Some pieces have been used as awards and models. That shows how our attention to detail pays off.

I believe that there are too many brightly decorated "techno" toys flooding the market these days. My goal is to return toys back to their roots. That is why I strive for designs that are simple, natural and elegant.  You will not see a cartoon face on any wood toys sold here! If you have any questions, please drop me an Email :c)  


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Make  your own great looking wooden toys like this rescue helicopter. We are adding free plans for wooden toys to our site. If you have some basic wood working tools like a scroll saw and a drill press, you can now create some handsome toys of your own. Our toy plan page has step by step instructions that will guide you in the creation of wonderful wooden toys.
Why buy from Ken's Wooden Toys ?
If you are looking for a perfect gift that is one of a kind then look no further:
The safety and durability of our wooden toys is very important. All of our parts are hand assembled using All-weather wood glue (no nails!). All of our collectible toys are smoothly sanded. No sharp edges or splinters to worry about! Our handcrafted creations are made primarily of spruce, pine and assorted hardwoods. We use a minimum of hardware in our pieces. We take great care in handcrafting our wooden trucks and trains so they will have an eye-appealing appearance that is unique. Our wood toys make wonderful gifts for people who love handcrafted transportation vehicles. All pieces are modeled after real vehicles and created with attention to proportion and function to make them stimulating the imagination and a joy to behold. We leave our wooden toys in their natural wood finish. Your model will look like a work of art rather than another plastic truck from a store shelf. Our handcrafted wooden toys are built TOUGH, but like all wooden toys they are not indestructible.  Due to the fine handcrafted detail and abundance of moving parts, we sell our wooden toys as models for adults and older children. Because each child is unique in their development, parents must decide if our wooden toys are appropriate for their children. The toys can be easily cleaned with a cloth or Scotch Brite pads. See our toy cleaning page for more information.

Our HANDMADE toys are usually ready to ship within 1-3 business days after the order is received. Larger orders (5 toys or more) may take a bit longer. Just send an email for a time estimate. We ship USPS ground. (Please allow 3-5 days for USPS ground delivery time) To reduce our cost to you, we charge a low flat rate of only: $3.50! per item.

We Ship to the US only. If you use PayPal, we will only ship to confirmed addresses.

eChecks: If you would like to pay by eCheck, please note we will ship as soon as we receive notification that your check has cleared. Please check your with bank to see how long this will take.

Packaging: To save shipping cost, we will carefully package your order in the minimum number of boxes required.

Please note: Our shipping cost is based on the average weight and the average distance shipped. Sometimes there will be an over/under charge of the actual shipping cost. Please make sure you are comfortable with the shipping cost before ordering as we do not offer shipping cost difference refunds.
Return Policy
Our collectible wooden toys are handcrafted to withstand a lifetime of enjoyment. If you are not 100% satisfied with any wooden toy truck, train or farm equipment, simply return the toy within 10 days of your receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Please include a copy of the invoice. All toys must be undamaged/unused and in their original undamaged packaging. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Quick care tips for Wooden Toys

Your wood toys will last for many years if properly cared for. It is always a good idea to keep your toy clean. A damp cloth can be used to wipe off light dirt from the surface. Make sure the cloth is not damp but not wet.  For more in-depth cleaning ideas, see our section on wooden toy care. Wooden toys can turn a darker shade if left in the sun. This is a natural reaction of wood that is exposed to the suns rays. To prevent this, avoid leaving the toy in the sun for extended periods. Some folks actually like the rich shade of aged wood. Never expose your wooden toys to water. This can result in severe warping and raised grain in the wood.

Finishing Wooden Toys

We sell our toys unfinished in order to show the natural beauty of wood grain. If you prefer the look of a finished toy, here are some finishes people have used: (Please note, we do not suggest or endorse using any particular kind of finish on wooden toys.)

Non toxic paints: Water colors, Acrylic paint, Milk paint.
Any water based paint has the tendency to swell wood and raise the grain on wooden toys. This may result in a rough finish which will require a light sanding.  Acrylic may be the least likely to raise wood grain.

Stains: If your piece is for display only in an adult environment then you can choose from a variety of oil based stains. Always test out the stain on a scrap piece of wood to get an idea of how it will look. Some wooden toys look very nice with a light stain.

Wax/Varnishes: The natural grain of wooden toys is what makes them look different from their plastic counterparts. The next best thing to natural finish is a clear coating of urethane or linseed oil. This should be done on adult only wooden toys.

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